7 Ways to Bring Your Article Marketing to the Next Level and Gain More Traffic

7 Ways to Bring Your Article Marketing to the Next Level and Gain More Traffic

seo approachJust writing and submitting your article to famous article directories such as EzineArticles and ArticlesBase will not help you to gain more traffic and potential customers to your website. There are some ways to do better article marketing for your website. Here are 7 ways to enhance your article marketing to the next level and gain more traffic:

1. Write a guest post:

Instead of writing for article directory day-by-day, you should consider writing for another popular blog within your niche. It will give you much more exposure for your article instantly. It will build yourself as an expert in your field and you won’t struggle to generate traffic from article directory because popular blogs have its own loyal readers.

2. Compile your articles as a document:

A site like Docstoc can help you to host your article as the document, and people will be allowed to download your document into their PC. This is another method of article distribution that is currently overlooked. When you submit 5 articles to your favorite article directory, you can compile those articles and republish them as one document or PDF on Docstoc or other similar websites.

3. Create a slide presentation for each of your article:

You can also create a slide presentation for each of your article explaining each of your article content in the form of a slide presentation. The site like Slideshare can help you to distribute the same content in another form. You just need to create few slides based on your article (it takes only 5 minutes) and submit it as PowerPoint presentation on SlideShare or similar websites.

4. Turn your article into a video:

Why not turn your article into an interesting video presentation? This will potentially bring more traffic to your website and you don’t need to create the long video for each article. Usually, you only need to make 2-3 minutes video for each of your articles. But, it will be worth it. It is another form of promotion that will surely help you to generate more traffic to your website.

5. Read your article out loud for podcasting:

As simple as it may sound, you can just read your article out loud and create an entirely new audio file for podcasting. You already have good content in your article. Why not use the content in your podcast as well? This will help you to gain more traffic to your website. If you can’t creatively think about another way to talk about your content, then you can simply read your article out loud and you’re done.

6. Free PDF report:

It is not uncommon for people to distribute their articles as PDF report that they will giveaway to their potential customers. But, let me tell you. This method works perfectly to drive more traffic to your website. You can use your PDF report as your tool to attract more subscribers to your list. You can even create a premium report from your articles if you really have good content.

7. Join article distribution service:

There are many services on the net that will give you the opportunity to distribute your article into various websites for a little price. If you want to bring your article marketing to the next level, then this is the distribution method that you should embrace. By using article distribution service, you are no longer submitting your article into just one or two article directories, and it means more exposure for your website.

If you want to gain more traffic from your article marketing campaign, you should follow those 7 ways to bring your article marketing to the next level.