Risk Factor and Stages of Breast Cancer

Risk Factor and Stages of Breast Cancer

Risk Factors

symptoms of breast cancerCancer is the unregulated growth of cells in our body. They cause the damaged cells to grow uncontrollably causing the formation of tissue known as tumors. They can form in any part of our body. These tumor cells can move throughout the body spreading and affecting the organs and sometimes they just grow at a specific place destroying up the surrounding regions which are called angiogenesis. There are about 200 types of cancer that affect the human body one of which is breast cancer.

It is the cell growth in and around the breast area in an uncontrolled manner. Even though the risk factor associated with it are generally unknown but few of the predicted factors are smoking, drinking, and some particular kind of diet. The possibility of getting breast increases with age i.e. after the age of 55. Also, it is dominant in some specific group of people depending on their genes or hormones. So it is highly difficult to predict it in the initial stages. Some radiation therapies have a tendency to induce cancer.

Stages of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has a certain stage which determines the intensity and the area that it affects. They are

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

Stage 1:- in this stage tumor appears in the breast portion and is concealed to the area surrounding to the duct. The stage1 has a tumor of 2 cm diameter and is not generally diagnosed.

Stage 2:- it is divided into 2 categories

In Stage- 2A tumor has not spread to lymph nodes and is of the diameter of 2-5 cm.

In Stage- 2B tumor has spread up to the lymph nodes in the underarms and is of a diameter of 5 cm.

Stage 3 is divided into 3 categories.
Stage 3A:- in this, the tumor has a size of the diameter of about 5 cm and is situated around lymph nodes growing into each other forming clump.
Stage 3B:- in this there is no clumping of lymph nodes and have the diameter of more than 5 cm. They can spread up to chest wall causing swelling of the breast.
Stage 3C:- it can be any size spreading to lymph and other parts of the body and causes significant swelling of the breast.

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