Cancer Research – What to do?

Cancer Research – What to do?

cancer researchWe all know that cancer is a disease which is complicated and can lead to death easily. But the hope is there are researches are conducting all over the world to cure it in any stages in easy ways. Still the process of research is going on and not a proper method to treat for the final stage of cancer is found. An uncompromising, self-serving narrow-mindedness of some members of organized medicine is destroyed by sharp truths fired scientists from around the world. It is evident that the great shame for “Cancer Research” organizations, no matter how many persons are living with liver cancer cells, and other types of cancer. No matter the time spend for repeating this experiment and how it spends public money in a blind effort to square the circle.

This view is not as controversial as it was before. Recently, a doctor from the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation and the Board of Directors of the Foundation of allergies mentioned that allergy is considered to be closely related to the natural immunity, including the body’s production of antibodies fight against invading germs, and that the evidence of all kinds has shown that body resistance factors are closely related to the creation and subsequent evolution of human cancer. Theorists have suggested that cancer cells can develop from time to time in the normal body, but most of them are unusual enough to be successfully attacked by the body’s natural defenses.

Today it is increasingly difficult to deny the role of liver cancer, especially when they are in TIP – The tumor inhibitory principle – which is made of the body. The normal liver produces a chemical that plays to effectively prevent cancer growth in experimental mice. The factor is ignored, and the blood serum and bile have not been found in patients with cancer. It seems that the hypothesis of deficiency, either congenital or acquired, these inhibitory factors may play a fundamental cause of cancer.

Today, it is increasingly difficult to ridicule the role of nutrition in cancer, especially since a researcher discovered that a radical change recognized in the diet of trout from leftover meat bread into pieces and ruined their livers caused an epidemic of cancer. It is also increasingly difficult to deny the link between cancer and diet of a person. Researches are also made to find the relation between diet and cancer but not a satisfactory result is found still.

However, it is still hard to deny that any significant progress has been made in the fight against cancer. 1957 actuarial study of more than 100,000 patients by surgery group Insurance Society reveals that one of the seven had cancer. Even the research is going on we can expect a wonderful medicine or treatment which can be found out in the coming future to cure cancer completely in any stages. Also, it can be possible to find the methods to prevent cancer using any vaccines or other easiest ways. Keep hope for a cancer-free world.