Cancer – An Overview : What is cancer

Cancer – An Overview : What is cancer

Cancer also called malignant neoplasm in medical terms. It includes a group of various diseases, all of them involve unregulated cell growth. In cancer, cells reproduce and multiply uncontrollably and form malignant tumors. These affect nearby body parts. There are as many as 200 different cancers known which affect humans. According to studies five to ten percent cancers are entirely hereditary.

Signs and Symptoms:

Cancer doesn’t show sign of symptoms of its presence and it shows its sign only when the growth goes out of control and mass continues to grow. The results of findings may also depend on the type and location of cancer. Symptoms of cancer also include fever, undefined weight loss, fatigue and changes to the skin.

Causes of cancer:

Determining the reasons that cause cancer is a bit difficult. However, we know a few reasons that increase the risk of cancer like the use of tobacco, exposure to radiation and environmental pollutants. Cancer is more or less an environmental disease and 90% of cases are related to environmental factors. However, it is very much impossible to judge the exact reason of cancer because in most cases it is caused by multiple reasons.

How to Cure Treatment of Cancer:

Palliative care-In this treatment cancer cells are not directly attacked. Emphasis is laid on improving the quality of life of the patient. Efforts are made to reduce the physical, emotional and social distress caused to the patient.


It is the primary method for treatment of isolated solid cancer. In some cancer, this is all that is required.


This treatment is used greatly other than surgery for cancer types like breast cancer, pancreatic cancer. However, its use is limited because it causes damage to other tissues in the body.


In this method, ionized radiation is used either to improve or cure the state of cancer affected cells. In the early neck and head cancer, this method proves sufficient enough.