Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes Which is the best?

audi vs bmw vs mercedesReliability has been always one of the most important questions when it comes to luxurious German cars. Constant claims of German brand about perfect German engineering have been mocked by car lovers because many cars of the country seem to be very unreliable. This can be associated with many things, for example, complicated engineering asking for constant maintenance or the buyers of American countries are not used to the type of preventive maintenance which is taken very seriously by the Germans. It would be interesting to know which German cars are the most trustworthy and less expensive to repair and own.

According to a recent study, a chart has been developed to show which German cars are the most reliable with the least repair costs. In a comparison between Mercedes-Benzes, Audi and BMW, the study demonstrated which brand needs the most maintenance work in six years of ownership. This study tends to reveal how each brand of car behaves throughout the entire life of the car.

All the cars are almost similar under six years when it comes to reliability and cost since all are new and have less than 100k miles. Audi came up with the most issues and more money to fix it. BMW comes to the second place as Mercedes is the most reliable among all. Things change after six years. As the cars run more miles and pass from one owner to another, they are bound to break. Audi is the least reliable and most expensive among all three. Mercedes leads the pack. After twelve years, things start to even out. Cars are old, and people start to live with small issues without getting them fixed.

When finger details were discovered, things get more complicated. Even though the positioning remained the same, there were different repair costs for different models. For example, the lesser expensive models of both Audi and BMW were not expensive to repair which seems fair. But the most expensive models of Mercedes Benz were least expensive to repair as they were reliable and better built than the others.

When it comes to specific components and repairs, things get complicated even more. Audi is the cheapest when it comes to MOT testing and servicing. BMW remains in the middle and the most expensive is Mercedes Benz. BMW is the best when it comes to batteries and electrical work and is affordable as well. Next comes Audi and then Mercedes. BMW was the most expensive when it was about repairing suspension components and steering repair.

Overall, with all these facts Audi is the brand with very expensive repair costs, BMW stayed in the second place and Mercedes turned out to be the least expensive among all three. The things we compared here obviously differ depending on the mileage, driving style, repair quality and age of the car. But overall, the least reliable and most expensive to maintain and own is Audi.